Panel Ball on March 30th, 9 am - 1 pm

Hey everyone! 

It’s me, Shaggy. 

Don’t you hate awkward events?

Especially when you really want to meet people?

I sure do. 

That’s why I planned Panel Ball – because events are supposed to be fun. They are supposed to give you that childlike excitement when something awesome just happened.

Like Christmas morning. 

That’s my goal with Panel Ball, to give you that childlike excitement.

So What Is Panel Ball?

The event will be half panel discussion, and half pickleball tournament. 

And why would I plan something so ridiculous?

So you can learn how to live an interesting life by asking an entrepreneur questions. Then play pickleball with a bunch of new entrepreneurial friends! 

From 9 am - 10:30 am, you will get to hear the speaker talk AND ask them questions. Then from 10:30 to 1 pm you will play in the pickleball tournament (or you can just play pickleball casually). I will be providing snacks, but not a formal lunch. 

The speakers is:

Founder and owner of, a bootstrapped company that did $100m+ of revenue in 2023.

The Venue

The event is on the 30th of March from 9 am to 1 pm.

The location is "The Picklr" in Sandy. We will have the entire building to ourselves.

Purchase a Panel Ball Ticket

Tickets cost $37.

To play pickleball at the Picklr costs $30 per day. It's only $7 extra to go to Panel Ball!

I can sell a maximum of 40 tickets since the venue has 8 courts.

Click the $37 button above.

Hear From Our Previous Event Attendees

Shaggy’s events are a fun time and a great place to connect with other professionals. His icebreakers have been a great way to get past the potential awkwardness of starting conversations with new people.

- Cole Lyon

Shaggy is a great facilitator and a super-fun human.

- Nycole Rosen

Shaggy's events are very well organized. I’ve had the app for 5 years, and his event was the first I’ve been to! The icebreakers and venue were a nice touch.

- DJ


Event Sponsor: Pent Hive

Thank you to Pent Hive for sponsoring the event!

They host weekly round table meetings for high achievers. In these meetings, you get to brainstorm with a room full of entrepreneurs about your roadblocks and goals.

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