Panel Ball on August 5th, 6 pm - 9 pm

Learn from a unique entrepreneur, make new connections, and play pickleball! All without feeling awkward at an event.

At the last Panel Ball event, Erik Allebest told the story of bootstrapping to $100m a year in revenue, and what it's like to have no office's and 750 employees around the globe.

So What Is Panel Ball?

This event is half panel discussion, and half pickleball tournament. 

And why would you come to something so ridiculous?

So you can learn how to live an interesting life by asking an entrepreneur/pro skier questions. Then play pickleball with a bunch of new entrepreneurial friends! 

You will get to hear the speaker talk AND ask them questions. Then you will play pickleball, either in the casual tournament or just for fun. 

I will be providing dinner, snacks, and drinks. 

The speaker for August 5th is:

Tom Wallisch, the Face of Freestyle Skiing

Tom is known not only for his impressive collection of X Game medals, and a World Cup title but also for his role in revolutionizing freestyle skiing. 

Outside of pushing the boundaries of what is possible on skis, Tom has a wealth of experience and insight into creating your own unique lifestyle by having multiple revenue streams. 

His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his dedication to his craft, makes him a compelling voice for anyone looking to forge their own path.

The Venue

The event is on the 5th of August from 6 pm to 9 pm.

The location is "The Picklr" in Sandy. We will have the entire building to ourselves.

We will provide a catered dinner, drinks, and snacks. All paddles and balls will be provided, but feel free to bring your own pickleball equipment.

The Agenda

- 6:00 PM Welcome and name tags

- 6:10 PM Socializing and Icebreakers 

- 6:30 PM Tom Wallisch speech and dinner

- 7:00 PM Q & A

- 7:15 PM Pickleball time! 

- 9:00 PM The end!

Purchase a Panel Ball Ticket

Tickets are on sale now for 40% off. Sale ends Sunday July 28th.

I can sell a maximum of 50 tickets since the venue has 8 pickleball courts.

The sale ends in:


Hear From Our Previous Event Attendees

Shaggy’s events are a fun time and a great place to connect with other professionals. His icebreakers have been a great way to get past the potential awkwardness of starting conversations with new people.

- Cole Lyon

Shaggy is a great facilitator and a super-fun human.

- Nycole Rosen

Shaggy's events are very well organized. I’ve had the app for 5 years, and his event was the first I’ve been to! The icebreakers and venue were a nice touch.

- DJ

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